Cranial Cruciate Knee Ligament

Is your pet having trouble walking or perhaps is no longer able to walk? You may notice your pet is getting slower as he or she gets older, but you'll also find that your pet may have a reluctance to do the things you know he or she loves. In some cases, this may be due to damage to the cranial cruciate ligament, also known as the CCL. It is a stabilizer in the knee joint and is very important for movement and function.

If your pet has hind leg lameness, it is often due to this condition. It can lead to pain and arthritis development.

Contact Animal Medical Center of Hattiesburg today for an appointment about the health of your pet's cruciate ligaments. 
Cruciate Care for Pets

Give Your Pet the Help It Needs

Whether from a traumatic injury or deterioration, treatment for this type of injury and illness is possible, but complex. Bring your pet in to see our licensed and trusted providers. We'll provide full diagnostic screenings to know what your pet's needs are.

We offer cruciate surgical procedures to many pets. In some situations, this can provide significant improvement and long-term use of the legs and joints. Talk to us about your pet's needs and we'll help you to find any solutions available.

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