Training Class Options for Your Dog

There's simply no better way to provide your pet with the love and attention it needs than through proper training. Contact Animal Medical Center of Hattiesburg about referrals to Hub City Dog Training (HCDT).

These training programs include:
  • Beginner obedience group classes
  • Advanced obedience group classes
  • Private obedience classes and one-on-one consultations
Rehabilitation Services for Pets

Positive Reinforcement Training

At Hub City Dog Training, trainers work to address the issues of struggling pet parents, from basic obedience challenges to more complicated behavioral issues. HCDT staff members are advocates for positive reinforcement and force-free training. HCDT believes that gentleness, patience, and kindness go a lot farther toward effectively teaching an animal than harsher methods ever could. Positive reinforcement and force-free training have been shown in multiple scientific studies to be among the most effective methods of training animals. Positive reinforcement is particularly beneficial for animals exhibiting fearful or fear-based aggression, as it promotes trust and cooperation. These training methods are designed specifically to make sure that an animal’s mental, emotional, or physical well-being is never undermined.

Private classes are available by appointment. Single sessions are good for people looking to address a few specific behavioral challenges. 

Multiple sessions can be scheduled for more in-depth training on a variety of behavioral challenges:
  • Basic obedience
  • Long-term behavioral modification for aggression or fearfulness
  • Long-term goals such as prepping a dog for therapy work
Group classes are suitable for social, friendly dogs that are comfortable in large, dog-filled environments. Group classes cover a variety of topics.

The beginner class covers obedience topics such as sit, stay, down, come when called, drop it, leave it, etc. Behavioral challenges covered include jumping, nipping / play biting, walking politely on the leash, barking, chewing, and potty training.

Advanced classes focus on consistency and improving the reliability of skills learned in beginner classes, building difficulty while added distance, distraction, and duration of cues.

Group classes meet once a week for six consecutive weeks. These classes are held at Petal Animal Clinic in Petal, MS. Group classes must be reserved in advance.
Call for an Estimate on Dog Training Services
Download the Hub City Dog Training group class enrollment form or private class enrollment form.
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